4 Levels of Doughnuts: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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9 måneder siden

We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - an amateur, a home cook, and a professional - to make us a doughnut of their choice. After each of them had presented their creation, we asked a food scientist to review their work. Which one would you take first, hot off the tray?

Check out the level 3 recipe on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/lemon-meringue-pie-doughnuts
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4 Levels of Doughnuts: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

Musical Comic 69
Musical Comic 69 4 timer siden
For once, a level 1 who sounds like he knows what he’s doing
hr1100 10 timer siden
youtube, please prevent my account from accessing this channel. I can't take it anymore.
RRC GhOsT Dag siden
Me not knowing there were doughnuts outside of Krispy Kreme
Tritan ap
Tritan ap 2 dager siden
Jojo reference?
William Lee
William Lee 3 dager siden
Shane why did you use yougurt
Abi J
Abi J 3 dager siden
were not idiots level 2 we know what a letter is 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
Radiant Blink
Radiant Blink 4 dager siden
LEVEL 1 Chef: What I love about donuts...................... is that everybody likes donuts
Fonti Kar
Fonti Kar 4 dager siden
Is this Shane from Back 2 back chef with Gordon Rmsay?!?!?!?!
Fonti Kar
Fonti Kar 4 dager siden
nopost.info/throw/lq3Fn2KmlXmmoKM/video&ab_channel=BonApp%C3%A9tit YESSSSSS OH SHANE I'VE MISSED YOU!
Billy Pug
Billy Pug 5 dager siden
Andy from the office?
Ian Arthur
Ian Arthur 5 dager siden
Lol the amount of friggin butter the level 3 person added was ridiculous.
KrissyGNatz 5 dager siden
Lemon meringue pie donuts.....ooooohhhh make it fancy 👆
KrissyGNatz 5 dager siden
I clicked because the level 3 donuts🤷🤨that picture ain't look right. Had to see what kinda notes those were
Brexo 5 dager siden
Amateur: *bakes donut instead of frying* The 2 levels : alright imma head out
William Lee
William Lee 7 dager siden
Frank is not here because he is farming to make dough
Melike 9 dager siden
Homemade chefs always cheerful and explain what they are doing clearly
Sunardi Wahyunin
Sunardi Wahyunin 12 dager siden
The level 2 looks so good cause I love churros... but the level 3 looks AMAZING. I want oneeee 🤤
Yo Wazzup
Yo Wazzup 13 dager siden
How dare you bake those Donuts 😠
Arnav Muthusamy
Arnav Muthusamy 13 dager siden
6:35 - Says He doesn't want it to drip off the sides 7:16 - 😑😑😑😑
Epic_Nate 15 dager siden
Honestly, the level 2 doughnuts seem better than the level 3.
Redd Nish
Redd Nish 16 dager siden
1:05 He looks like a maniac scientist explaining an experiment Ehich is what he's doing right?
Patrick Cui
Patrick Cui 19 dager siden
Frank probably making his own flour
firey bfb
firey bfb 20 dager siden
Not gonna lie i liked the level 1 doughnuts the most
Just a mom
Just a mom 21 dag siden
Level 4 chef: Hi im a level 4 chef and I have been playing Papa's Doughnatria
gxuled 22 dager siden
i like buying donuts but making donuts ruins the fun of eating donuts.. u know what i mean?
Steven Norris
Steven Norris 23 dager siden
Umm did he make cornbread?
William Lee
William Lee 25 dager siden
Frank is still making flour
Danger Spider
Danger Spider 28 dager siden
Damn the level one is better than I thought
Esther 28 dager siden
Clumps of salt doesn't sound good outside of a donut either...
V 29 dager siden
2:45 cringy af
Stuti Sharma
Stuti Sharma 29 dager siden
The level 1 knows about what he's doing more than the other levels
Ace Sharpe
Ace Sharpe Måned siden
Steven: my favourite part of the pancake is the cheesecake i put in. Trraccy: my favourite part of the donut is the pie
ThoroughBaton Måned siden
ThoroughBaton Måned siden
im tarped
ThoroughBaton Måned siden
ThoroughBaton Måned siden
help im in califortnita
Flu Flu
Flu Flu Måned siden
:0 its pink shirt guy!
Reynante Dimaliwat
Reynante Dimaliwat Måned siden
"No touching. No touching." Didn't know that doughnuts also did social distancing
zoedney Måned siden
level 2 chef looks like the type of dude to read the terms and conditions
Ruth Park
Ruth Park Måned siden
fried!!! yum
Itsjoemama D
Itsjoemama D Måned siden
What is level 1 chef DOING
The Narwhale
The Narwhale Måned siden
5:18 I thought she put her hand in the oil.
꧁Icy Gaming꧂
꧁Icy Gaming꧂ Måned siden
Why does Tracy seem like Frank’s grand daughter
Sum Kid
Sum Kid Måned siden
Why am I just now noticing this